Discount Coffee: 5 Ways to Save on Coffee!

Because who doesn’t love saving money?


discount coffee

1. Get Your Paws on Great Deals!

See the bag on the left? We put price stickers on our coffee bags so you can see the price at a glance. We use a sharp pencil, so we don’t mind.

See the bag on the right?
When the paws come out, there’s savings to be had!

As you browse our site, you’ll see the LION holding out sale signs. Oh sure, you could cheat and click “weekly specials” in the menu. But it’s kind of fun to find the paws, too. Happy hunting!

2. Volume Discounts


volume coffee discounts



Save big when you buy 5 or more bags of coffee. Mix & match. Choose from LION Coffee, or Royal Kona Coffee any size. Our smart cart starts dropping the price once you pass 5 bags.

discounts on coffee



When you buy 12+ bags
Buy 12 or more bags of coffee and save REALLY big. Mix & Match.
Any coffee. Any size. It’s like your own personal case sale.
(a great way to buy gifts, too!)

3. Join the Club!


Our coffee club offers ridiculously good deals. Like, up to 25% off your favorite coffee.
Have you seen the “5 bags” club?? You get 5 bags of your favorite LION coffee for $39.25 (reg $53).
And free UPS – anywhere in the USA.
You can make up your own club package, too.
Or give a 3 month gift that will knock someone’s socks off. They’ll adore you every time their coffee arrives.

discount coffee by email

4. Join our Email Group!


If you haven’t joined our email list, you probably should. We send coupons & discounts by email regularly. So you don’t find out about sale events right after your favorite coffee sold out.

Which means our emails are better than the lottery because everyone wins! Joining is free, here

5. Like Us On Facebook

Lion Coffee 
If you love the LION, “like” us on Facebook. There’s tips, humor, videos, recipes and more.
Plus? You’ll see our contests and specials while you’re checking Facebook anyway. And hey, maybe you can win some free coffee!
Talk about social perks, hmm?
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P.S. You might want to start “paw hunting” for discounts on this page