LION COFFEE is hard to beat. The price and quality is fantastic along with great service.

Russell M.

Honolulu, HI

100{a9adace42f2adb00be54f2db6596b795467d254f199538e5291c852a590f7c44} FAN of Lion Coffee. The 100{a9adace42f2adb00be54f2db6596b795467d254f199538e5291c852a590f7c44} Kona is simply an amazing cup of coffee!


Rancho Cucamonga

Toasted Coconut (with visions of Kalapawai) in Pine, CO on my birthday Ahhh!!

Jim McCann

Pine, Colorado

Lion Coffee is, hands down, the best coffee. There is no equal… you will not be disappointed!


San Diego, CA

Best coffee around & great variety.

Tiny Miles

Chicago, Illinois

Our family migrated from Kansas to Texas in 1920, moving into an earthen dugout with nine kids and this coffee box — it was filled with belongings and lugged onto a train bound for the panhandle. It’s delightful to know you’re still in business — long live the Lion!

Jack Victor

Toasted coconut.

Emilio Fracchia

La Paz, Baja California Sur

Live just outside Seattle, but I can’t find coffee as good as LION anywhere. My sister in Hawaii sent me this and now I won’t drink any other coffee.

Hugh McCrummen

Kirkland, Washington

Been drinking Lion coffee since the 90’s. The best coffee I ever drank, so smooth & delicious. Every cup as good as the first. Will continue to use it.

Linda D. B.


My go to place for coffee when in Hawaii, always stock up every trip home! Awesome to see exactly how it’s made and pick truly fresh roasts.

Dave Ewart

Corte Madera, California

Excepcional sabor y su olor inigualable. Nunca lo había probado antes y he quedado enamorada de este café.

[Translation: Exceptional taste and aroma. I’d never tried it before and I’ve fallen in love with this coffee.]

Geo G.B.

Paris, France

Born and raised in Hawaii, never drank coffee or desired it. I tried it a couple of times, never saw the attraction. Then I found LION 100{a9adace42f2adb00be54f2db6596b795467d254f199538e5291c852a590f7c44} KONA, bought some back and started making KONA coffee, now I am hooked. Lion Coffee for ever!

Joe Loo

Gold Bar, WA

Yea! Got my Lion Coffee Today! Awesome! Thank you!

Doreen H.

Lennox, California

Have been drinking it for 27 years, love it!

Chuck Gopperton

Mesa, AZ, USA

Lion Coffee is by far the best coffee in the world!!!

Scott Davis

San Jose, California

My new favorite coffee! Nothing beats their Toasted Coconut!

Christine M.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Been to Hawaii? This coffee brings up memories every am. Try it!

Rick Zachary

San Antonio, Texas

The most awesome coffee in the world, especially toasted coconut

Marsha S.

Springfield, Missouri

Just bought my first bag of this coffee. My husband and I LOVE it!

Stacy T.


Great coffee and great people! We love taking friends and family here.

Ariel P.

Hawaii, USA

Love the whole coffee experience, I highly recommend to anyone wanting the same experience!

Corina C.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Absolutely the most delicious coffee in the world – and arguably the best coffee shop with the best baristas!

Jeff C.

Southington, Connecticut

Been loving Lion Coffee for over 25 years… a WONDERFUL discovery when I was in Hawaii. ♥ ♥

Elisa Cosgrove


UPS cannot get here fast enough!! Waiting on my favorite coffee, Toasted Coconut. Just one more day!!!

Jennifer Hartley


Very smooth and fresh coffee flavor! Like the great wines, only found in the perfect growing locations in the world.

Jan M.

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Have been using Lion Coffee for over 26 years, get my shipment every 6 weeks. Can not survive without my Lion Coffee. Love it!

Rosalie Gillespie


I drink my coffee black so I have come to appreciate good coffee, this is by far the best coffee I have ever tasted!

Austin House

South River, Ontario, Canada

The coffee is rich in flavor! They have a variety of roast and flavors. It’s a special treat when the holiday coffee comes in.

Tiffani D.