Customer Reviews

LION COFFEE is hard to beat. The price and quality is fantastic along with great service.

Russell M.

Honolulu, HI

100% FAN of Lion Coffee. The 100% Kona is simply an amazing cup of coffee!


Rancho Cucamonga

Toasted Coconut (with visions of Kalapawai) in Pine, CO on my birthday Ahhh!!

Jim McCann

Pine, Colorado

Lion Coffee is, hands down, the best coffee. There is no equal… you will not be disappointed!


San Diego, CA

Our family migrated from Kansas to Texas in 1920, moving into an earthen dugout with nine kids and this coffee box — it was filled with belongings and lugged onto a train bound for the panhandle. It’s delightful to know you’re still in business — long live the Lion!

Jack Victor

UPS cannot get here fast enough!! Waiting on my favorite coffee, Toasted Coconut. Just one more day!!!

Jennifer Hartley

Have been using Lion Coffee for over 26 years, get my shipment every 6 weeks. Can not survive without my Lion Coffee. Love it!

Rosalie Gillespie

Been loving Lion Coffee for over 25 years… a WONDERFUL discovery when I was in Hawaii. ♥ ♥

Elisa Cosgrove