Looking for the right Lion Coffee? As you know, the bag and label colors can tell you a lot about the type of coffee you will find inside. Whether you’re stocking up your favorite flavored Lion Coffee in the red bag with the blue label, or looking for your 100% Hawaiian coffee in the gold bag, we’re sure to have something in our lineup to suit your taste!

Let’s take you on a guided tour of our lineup, so you can find your favorite Lion in the wild!

Our classic lineup includes unflavored coffees such as Lion Original, Gold Roast, French Roast and Cafe Honolulu. Are any of these a family favorite?

Sometimes an aroma can trigger a memory of another place or time… Maybe Vanilla Macadamia reminds you of lazy sunday mornings, or Toasted Coconut a honeymoon… what flavor of Hawaii is your story?

When was the first time you tried 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee? When you see our gold bag, you know you are getting a 100% pure Hawaiian-grown coffee.

Nothing caps off a nice dinner quite like good dessert and a cup of coffee…but if you don’t want to be up all night afterwards, we have the decaf for you!

Did you know the coffee cherry has more antioxidant power than acai, pomegranate and blueberries combined? If you added coffee cherries to your coffee, you’d get an amazing antioxidant boost in every cup. So that’s what we did!

Our new labels are designed to make choosing your coffee fast and easy. Starting from the top you will see a brief tasting or flavor note. Are you in the mood for a coffee that is “rich and buttery” or “full-bodied”? This information gives you a brief insight into the overall flavor.

The largest piece of text, right in the middle of the label, will tell you the name of the of the particular variety you are looking at. Whether its Cafe Honolulu, Hazelnut or 100% Kona, this is the fastest way to spot your favorite!

Underneath the main text you will see the roast level. As a general rule, the lighter roasts contain more caffeine and emphasise the flavor of the bean, whereas the darker roasts place more emphasis on the flavor of the roast. Handy to know if you like your Coffee with hints of Chocolate or “smoky”.

Finally at the bottom of the label you will see the grind type. Only two choices here: whole bean for those who grind their own, or ground for maximum convenience when you really need that first cup of the day!

Brewing the perfect cup at home is easy! A good “rule of thumb” to start with is to use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of fresh water, and adjust to taste. If you’re making a pour-over, a ratio of 17:1 of water to coffee by weight is a good guide, and for those who like it iced, use half the volume of water to brew the coffee hot, then add an equal amount of ice afterwards.

One final thing to remember – for MAX ROAR, the use by date is just below the barcode!