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Lion Coffee Voted as Hawaii’s Best Coffee 2019

We are proud to announce that Lion Coffee has been voted as “Hawaii’s Best 2019” in the coffee category in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s People’s Choice Awards. This is the fifth time we have received this honor since 2014, and we are thrilled that the hard work and care our team puts into each and every batch of freshly roasted coffee is valued by our fans. We’ve already had a big year (including our exciting collaboration with the iconic Hawaiian Airlines) and we’re looking forward to an equally exciting holiday season and beyond!

Based in Honolulu since 1979, we’ve been roasting some of Hawaii’s favorite coffees for 40 years and counting. Our hand-selected Arabica coffee beans are carefully roasted and freshly packed to a meticulous standard, and every batch is cupped to ensure optimal freshness and flavor. If you’d like to see more of the process we use to ensure we keep producing Hawaii’s favorite coffee, we have a short video here.

On behalf of the entire Lion Coffee ‘ohana we want to sincerely thank our loyal customers for taking the time to vote!


Swiss Water Decaf – A Better Way To Be Caffeine Free

Swiss Water Decaf Lion Coffee

The Swiss Water® decaf process is a solvent-free decaffeination process that utilises pure fresh water – and never compromises the quality or taste of our beans.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the many benefits that may be associated with coffee consumption, and while this is great news for coffee drinkers… it’s not so great news for those avoiding coffee because of concerns related to caffeine. Sufferers of GERD may experience acid reflux and many advise limiting the intake of caffeine during pregnancy.

If this is the case, you may be surprised to learn that several of the benefits associated with coffee consumption don’t have anything to do with caffeine! So where does this leave us? Decaffeinated Coffee.

Decaf coffee often gets a bad rap. Caffeine removal processes using harsh chemicals like benzene and an assumption that your cup of coffee might end up tasting like an expensive cup of hot water don’t help either! There is however, a better way. A decaffeination process that lets you enjoy your favorite coffee 99.9% caffeine free, WITHOUT using harsh chemicals or ruining the taste or quality of the beans.

The Swiss Water Process® makes the most of three elements: water, temperature and time. So how does it work?

To begin with, our green beans are cleaned and hydrated with pure water in order to prepare them for caffeine removal. Our beans are not blended with any other varieties – the beans that go in, are the beans that come out – only the caffeine is left behind!

For the next step, Green Coffee Extract (GCE) – water with soluble coffee compounds and no caffeine or flavor of its own, is introduced to the beans. The beans are immersed in this solution and the caffeine then begins to seep out of the beans and into the GCE, until the ratio of compounds in the GCE and beans reach the point of equilibrium.

Now that the extract is saturated with caffeine molecules, it is passed through proprietary carbon filters specifically designed to remove the caffeine. Once the extract is again caffeine free, it is passed back through to the green beans, and the cycle continues for roughly 10 hours per batch of coffee – with regular checks on GCE flow, time, temperature and more to ensure a 99.9% caffeine free batch of coffee is the result.

At Lion Coffee we believe the Swiss Water Process® is the best way to produce our decaf, and provides a way for you to enjoy the same coffee tastes you know and love, minus the caffeine!


Lion Coffee Wins the Hearts of Japanese Consumers

111 Award trophy

HONOLULU – Lion Coffee has won the hearts of Japanese consumers by winning first place in the Hawaii’s Favorite Coffee Category of the 2019 111-Hawaii Awards. The award was announced on February 8, 2019 in Honolulu.

111-Hawaii Awards is Hawaii’s first people’s choice award by Japanese consumers in Japan, Hawaii, and around the globe. The winners in each of the 45 categories were determined through online voting by over 33,000 Japanese consumers. Japanese consumers are known to want only the highest quality goods and services worldwide. This award highlights Hawaii brands that provide excellence in their respective categories.

The iconic red Lion Coffee bags have been on retail shelves in Japan for many years. Japanese consumers perceive Lion Coffee as the quintessential coffee from Hawaii, a place that evokes the magic of the tropics. Lion Coffee’s island-inspired flavors are an all-time favorite as they bring back the romance and the essence of Hawaii. Coupled with exceptional taste and aroma, the brand has garnered a passionate following in Japan. Winning first place in the 111-Hawaii Awards’ coffee category is a testimony to the love for Lion Coffee among the Japanese consumers.

About Hawaii Coffee Company
Hawaii Coffee Company’s brands include Lion Coffee, Royal Kona Coffee, Royal Hawaiian Coffee, Koa Coffee, and the Hawaiian Islands Tea Company. The company is the largest roaster of Kona coffee in the world, and Hawaii’s leading supplier of coffee to hotels, restaurants, airlines, and retail stores. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii Coffee Company’s 55,000 square-foot facility at 1555 Kalani Street offers scheduled tours and is home to the Lion Café & General Store, where freshly brewed coffees and a large selection of packaged coffees are available.