Have you heard? Lion Coffee launched a new product line of Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Cold Brew Coffees in August 2021! These 11-ounce cans are available at select grocery and convenience stores statewide. Kama’aina and visitors alike will now be able to enjoy their favorite local coffee and signature island flavors in ready-to-drink cold brew cans for on-the-go consumption throughout the day.

Our new LION RTD Cold Brew Coffees are available in the following varieties:

  1. Lion Classic Cold Brew – contains no sweetener or dairy, which makes this a perfect beverage for those who enjoy the unique, velvety smooth taste of cold brew coffee.
  2. Lion Vanilla Macadamia Cold Brew – our unanimously top-selling flavored coffee with delectable aromas and flavors of fresh vanilla beans and rich macadamia nuts.
  3. Lion Toasted Coconut Cold Brew – the delicious aroma and nutty flavors of this Toasted Coconut cold brew coffee epitomizes the taste of the islands.
  4. Lion Mocha Cold Brew – rich and creamy cocoa flavors make this a refreshing beverage that satisfies every chocolate lover’s fantasy.

All the quality and pizazz of a specialty-shop drink now conveniently available in a can!

Please Note: Sold exclusively in the state of Hawaii. Not available for online purchase.


Cold brew is brewed using room-temperature or cold water, where the coffee grounds have direct contact with the water between 12-24 hours. Once the coffee is finished steeping, the result is a strong coffee concentrate that can be combined with water to make cold brew. Because no hot water is involved in the brewing process, and brewing takes longer, cold brew is generally less acidic, has more body, and a bit more mellow tasting – making it a popular choice amongst introductory coffee drinkers.


As coffee culture continues to grow across generations, coffee has become linked with more than a morning ritual. Coffee has reached new planes and is now synonymous with unique craft beverages of hot and cold variety. Cold brew is the perfect base for unique coffee creations, like nitro cold brew (available in our café!) and other specialty beverages. More and more people are transitioning back into the office, working remotely, or a hybrid of both, and we wanted to provide a fun, locally made and accessible product comprised of island inspired flavors. The same Roar in Every Pour™, now in a can!

Please Note: Our Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Cold Brew Coffees are sold exclusively in the state of Hawaii and are not available for online purchase.