Artist on Exhibit

The Lion Cafe and General Store is a space for the community and a place for friends and family to gather. Our Artist on Exhibit Program provides the opportunity for local artists to showcase their masterpieces. Customers can hang out, sip their coffee, and enjoy the artworks on the walls of the cafe.

This Month’s Featured Artist

Wendy Roberts is inspired by the stunning mountains, beaches, wildlife, and underwater world of Hawaii. Many of her award-winning oil paintings have depicted Hawaii’s green, natural spaces which enchant residents and visitors alike.

Among the beauty of the lush forests, sheer mountains, and gorgeous beaches of the windward side, Wendy has found a deep sense of peace and inspiration. Her connection to the land, the ocean, and their natural inhabitants motivates her to capture and share this breathtaking scenery with an emphasis on color and texture. She is also very interested in depicting people in interesting situations. The emotions and activities of people convey a complex story and creates art that fills a different display role, with diverse challenges which are exciting. Thus, she is equally interested in people and landscapes, opting for a balance of realism and painterly strokes that suits the particular piece.