Lion French Roast Single Serve Coffee Pods

Lion Coffee

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Product Description

From Hawaii, land of volcanoes and lava flows, comes LION French Roast Coffee. This French Roast is intense. Full-bodied. It has a delicious dark roast finish. But do know this… this is a bold, snappy and aggressive French Roast for those who like their coffee with attitude! Now available in a single serve cup.Enjoy the flawless smooth taste and finish that you trust LION Coffee to provide.

Each box contains 12 single cup pods. 


Compatible with most KEURIG™ K-CUP™ Brewing Systems. Not for KEURIG™ VUE™.

LION™ Coffee is not affiliated with KEURIG, INC.

KEURIG™, K-CUP™ and VUE™ are registered trademarks of KEURIG, INC.


  • Weight: 0.45 lb
  • Width: 5.75 in
  • Depth: 3.75 in
  • Height: 3.75 in

3 reviews


Posted by MK on May 8, 2020

Lion makes superb quality coffee with the best flavor profile hands down. I became obsessed when I lived in Hawaii and was so excited to find it in a local super market when I moved to San Diego. Now I’m on the east coast and will be buying in bulk when their shipping and sale specials come out because it’s THAT good! Mahalo for making such an amazing, consistent product!

My go to coffee every morning

Posted by Michael on November 11, 2018

I’ve been a long time fan of this dark-roasted coffee in bean and ground form. I’ve always myself preferred dark-roasted coffee and this is genuinely that. Since I became aware of its availability in K-cups I have used it virtually every day. Pluses for the K-cup are the freshness of the coffee and their ease of use. I like that the K-cups are better for recycling than many others since they don’t have an additional little plastic bit at the bottom. Yes – I cut the top off and remove the filter, compost the used coffee, and recycle the plastic “cup” potion. What would be better is if instead of the plastic cup these were in pods without plastic cups so that they were fully compostable. In fact the only time I don’t use these coffee pods are when I opt for the fully compostable pods or Decaf Dark Roast from another company. I would like to have Lion French Decaf available in K-pods. Using fully compostable contructuion would make this the perfect choice for all lovers of dark-roasted coffee.

lions french roast coffee

Posted by Marj on August 11, 2017

Also very good and we been drinking it a long time