Cafe Honolulu Coffee

Lion Coffee

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SKU: PARENT-20715-0
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Product Description

Cafe Honolulu is a spirited coffee blend with a distinctive European cafe style. One might say this coffee “strolls on the tongue” and has a pleasant aroma.


  • Weight: 0.7 lb
  • Width: 3.5 in
  • Depth: 3 in
  • Height: 8.75 in
  • Roast: Medium-Dark Roast
  • Product Line: Classic Lion

16 reviews

Cafe Honolulu

Posted by Tracy on August 24, 2020

This is by far the best coffee I have ever had! I have not been to a coffee shop for months because nothing compares! Customer service is excellent and it delivers fast! Only wish this one came in Kcups!

One of my favorite

Posted by Stu Whittaker on June 26, 2020

If I don’t have any Kona this is my preferred weekend coffee

The BEST coffee

Posted by SW on May 8, 2020

We have been fans of Lion coffee for over 30 years, when it was a small downtown coffee shop and grindery. And, amazingly, they have maintained quality — with the freshest, most aromatic beans and delicious blends.

Lion Cafe Honolulu

Posted by Bill Schnitzer on April 30, 2020

I love the taste of Cafe Honolulu; its’ bold and hits the spot. I’ve been drinking it daily for at least 8 yrs and never get tired of it.

Cafe Honolulu

Posted by Bernadine on October 14, 2019

Wonderful coffee that is very good with no after taste. If I don’t drink all the coffee, i make wonderful iced coffee for later in the day. Perfect smooth and very very good

Honolulu cafe

Posted by Tony on October 11, 2019

like the rest an excellent choice for your morning!

Great taste!

Posted by Al on September 15, 2019

Fast service. Fresh aroma and smooth taste!

Cafe Honolulu is the best

Posted by BW on November 30, 2018

Wonderful taste. No bitter aftertaste ! I mix it with decaf and it’s a great cup of coffee. Even the critics that think they can taste decaf love this coffee.

New and excellent

Posted by Tgiv on August 21, 2017

Not everything new is a good surprise but this one was super!
Always a fan of Hawaii/Lion Coffees, we tend toward dark & antioxidants, already ground.
SO when this new one appeared … WOW, full of the dark roast taste, full bodied and always looking forward to the next cup.

I love Lion Coffee

Posted by Sharon on August 13, 2017

I first encountered Lion Coffee when I visited Honolulu for a professional conference. It became part of my experience of the islands. I then joined the coffee club in order to hold onto my sense of the island. Every time I drink your coffee, I can hear the waves breaking on the beach. Thank you for your Hawaiian coffee.

Delicious coffee

Posted by Erin R. on June 24, 2017

Full bodied, yet smooth coffee–one of my favorite Kona blends.

Worth the trip from Hawaii

Posted by Jon Kramer on February 16, 2016

We first tasted Cafe Hawaii, while staying at Kona Village in the 1980’s.
Tasting this wonderful coffee, we asked the waiter the name of the brand,and have been ordering ever since.