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Lion Coffee

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Product Description

From Hawaii, land of volcanoes and lava flows, comes LionFrench Roast Coffee.

This French Roast is intense. Full-bodied. It has a delicious dark roast coffee finish. But do know this… this is a bold, snappy and aggressive classic French Roast. Perfect for those who like a little attitude in their cup!


  • Weight: 0.7 lb
  • Width: 3.5 in
  • Depth: 3 in
  • Height: 8.75 in
  • Roast: Dark Roast
  • Product Line: Classic Lion

15 reviews

French roast

Posted by Rick Neely on June 20, 2019

Great Coffee ! My new favorite!!

Best French Roast Coffee

Posted by Paul Taylor on June 7, 2019

We are coffee lovers. Especially the dark roast. Lion Coffee’s French Roast is so wonderfully rich and flavorful that after we left the Big Island we had to bring it with us. So now we order the large size almost every two weeks. Mahalo Lion Roast


Posted by Janet on June 3, 2019

Lion French Roast is our favorite coffee. We have it shipped to our home in New Jersey. Always fresh and has an excellent taste.

Lion French Roast

Posted by David on January 17, 2019

We LOVE this coffee. We first discovered Lion’s French Roast when I was assigned to Hawaii in 1980 and have been hooked on it since. From the 80’s, we’ve lived primarily in Europe and Asia and have had ample opportunity to try dozens of “the best” international coffees. None of them satisfy us like Lion’s does!

Lion French Roast

Posted by Janet on December 9, 2018

So delicious that we have it shipped to us in New Jersey.

Lion French roast

Posted by Sheri on December 17, 2017

I love this coffee!! I have been drinking Lion Brand coffee for as long as I can remember. Born in Ohio and spending most of my life in Toledo, OH, I have known this brand most of my life. When I moved to HI and lived there for several years, it was readily available. Now that I am again living on the mainland, I have to order and have my favorite coffee shipped to my door.I have tried many other brands and nothing compares to Lion coffee!!

Lion French Roast

Posted by Vabeachfan on July 8, 2017

We love the french roast coffee and the customer service we have received. I am looking forward to our next order where I will try other variety's. I used our last order to put in gift baskets for guests staying in town for our daughters wedding in June. We were introduced by a friend and now I hope our friends will enjoy and order for themselves. Thanks

Long time customer

Posted by Chuck Johns on May 28, 2017

I have been a club member, buying Lion French Roast and Cafe Honolulu for about 30 years now and I have yet to find a better, more flavorful coffee anywhere. I have tried several other brands over the years but nothing compares to the coffee I get from Lion.

From an Australian REAL coffee lover

Posted by Harry Luchtenstein on February 9, 2016

My coffee search in life has been for a strong coffee , tasty but without bitterness. I have tried a number of coffees from Lion , and have finally settled on Lion French for my French Press . A truly amazing coffee .My only problem is the postage to Australia . Huge . The Aussies drink this bitter, horrendous stuff that passes as coffee . Melbourne, coffee capitol of the world ? We have a lot to learn from Lion!
Thanks for making me happy !

American grown/made Best in the World

Posted by Tad Vaughn on December 10, 2015

Darkest roast, best taste, less jitters, long lasting exotic dawning of each new day when not living in its Paradise homeland.
Accepts honey + 1/2&1/2 very well.
You may spend more but get much less than what this offers.

Lion French Roast starts cold Alaskan mornings

Posted by Aloha From Alaska on October 27, 2015

We discovered Lion French Roast on vacation in Kauai and now order it bulk so that it is always available to jump start our mornings in interior Alaska. We like the flavor which is strong and robust but not bitter. It hits the spot and has been consistent in taste and freshness over the last seven years.

The Best

Posted by Charlie on September 16, 2015

As always, the coffee is fresh and excellent flavor