Toasted Coconut Coffee

Lion Coffee

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Product Description

A Lion Coffee all time favorite flavored coffee. You will find something very enjoyable about the aroma and nutty taste of our Toasted Coconut Coffee. That satisfying aroma and coconut coffee flavor from lightly roasted coffee beans makes this a very special coconut coffee.


  • Weight: 0.7 lb
  • Width: 4 in
  • Depth: 2 in
  • Height: 6.5 in
  • Roast: Light Medium Roast

206 reviews


Posted by Lindsay Miller on July 4, 2020

I’ve finally found a coffee that actually tastes like coconuts!! Hallelujah! The after taste is amazing!

Lion Toasted Coconut Whole Beans

Posted by Bailey S Barash on July 3, 2020

I’d always bought the Lion Toasted Coconut Ground Coffee ON Oahu, but since I’m currently not able to visit Oahu, I bought it online in the larger bag, which only comes as whole beans. I grind it myself and it’s delicious, just what I remember. It reminds me of mornings in Kaneohe, overlooking Kaneohe Bay from my rental. And this particular blend doesn’t upset my stomach, which some darker, stronger roasts might do. I love it.

Toasted Coconut

Posted by DAVID BLACK on July 3, 2020

Delicious as always

Toasted Coconut Coffee

Posted by Wanda L Carter on June 18, 2020

Always one of our favorites. We have been drinking Lion Coffee since living in Hawaii in 1976. Still a loyal customer even though we are living on the Mainland now.

Still the best

Posted by John Tuers III on June 13, 2020

We’ve been enjoying toasted coconut since our visit to the Islands Wake up with that some papayas and bananas to get your day started. We have yet to find it on the mainland so ordering it is a necessity.

One of my favorites

Posted by on June 9, 2020

Always a staple for me. When in Hawaii I try to stock up.

Toasted Coconut

Posted by Pat on June 7, 2020

Will definitely be ordering more…wonderful!

Best coconut coffee ever!!

Posted by Makayla on June 6, 2020

This is the best coconut coffee I have ever had! Usually any time I come across coconut coffee I try it out and some times its very artificial and not good, but this coffee is AMAZING. This is hands down the best coconut coffee I have ever tried. Its great iced and its great hot too. This coffee isn’t overbearing in coconut flavor but its just enough to absolutely fall in love with it! I am hooked with this company now and I can’t wait to try the other blends I bought.

Best coffee ever

Posted by Linda on June 5, 2020

We love this coffee, discovered it while on vacation in Maui. We live in Canada and our biggest problem is the cost of shipping it here. Last lot I got delivered to friend in states but she has had to pay a lot to send it to me. Unless we go to. Maui it is just too expensive for the shipping.

I love this product

Posted by CARMEN D ORTIZ on June 1, 2020

I live in California, and I love this product, is like i’m in Honolulu?? Love the taste,

Lion Toasted Coconut Coffee

Posted by Ann on May 30, 2020

The taste of Home! I’m a temporarily displaced Kamaaina living in Alabama. My morning 2 cups takes me back to mornings looking out the kitchen window to the backyard and Plumeria tree.

Toasted Coconut Coffee

Posted by Abigail Adams on May 25, 2020

FABULOUS!! My most favorite of all coffees. I has a delicious coffee flavor with clear, pure coconut. No artificial aftertaste, only absolutely the best coffee ever.